Friday Night Fun Drags

Friday Night Fun Drags

This is the perfect time to come run your car to see what it is capable of . As well as a good time for  anyone wanting to try drag racing for the first time . Friday Night Fun drags will be ran as ¼ mile .

Available Classes for Friday Fun Drags

  • Test n Tune $35 ( perfect for those wanting to test in general or just run their daily driver to see what it can do )
  • Trophy Bracket 1/4 mile
    • Entry $35
    • Winner Trophy + Tech Credit for a Sportsman entry on a points race
    • R/U  Trophy


Friday Night Fun Drags also has a trophy class for 1/4 mile competition .  We will also have a street legal class if there is enough interest. Please read NHRA rule book for rules to the street legal class. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Mid America Dragway wants to ensure a quality track for its test and tune customers in 2023.
The following apply:
Please check the schedule to make sure that Friday Test and Tune is available to
the general public and not part of a weekend event .
Cars will be divided by tires. Hard D.O.T. Tires will run separate from drag radials
and slick tire cars.
Please do not come to the lanes until your group of cars is called.
All drivers must wear long pants , closed toe shoes and a shirt that covers your

Antifreeze-Absolutely NO antifreeze allowed in race cars!

Authority-Any condition considered to be unsafe by Mid-America Dragway officials will be adequate grounds for barring or withdrawing a vehicle from participation in any event, until the fault has been remedied to the satisfaction of the tech Inspector.

Batteries- All wet cell batteries may NOT be relocated into the driver or passenger compartment. Batteries relocated to the trunk or rear of a vehicle must be isolated from the driver and must be securely mounted. Plastic battery hold down straps are not permitted. Minimum bolt size, ⅜ steel.

Clothing & Safety-All race drivers must wear the appropriate clothing and safety gear when racing. If you are unsure of what is required please visit the NHRA website and view the rule book  under Sportsman Safety and general guidelines.Helmet :SN , SA , M or k 2005 or newer is mandatory on all entries 13.99 or quicker in the ¼  mile At all times the following is prohibited for race participants : shorts, tank tops, bare torso, flip flops, sandals, skirts / dresses.

Competition License-Required for all competitors and participants with vehicles running 6.39 in the ⅛ mile or quicker If you need to get an NHRA license, forms are available  in the tower or at Please bring your completed form with you. This includes ALL participants during any event, including test & tune.We recommend an NHRA competition number and membership for all racers.

Liquid Overflow-Catch-can required on all radiators. One pint minimum capacity.

Master Cutoff-Mandatory when the battery is relocated. An electrical power cutoff switch (one only) must be installed on the rearmost part of the vehicle and be easily accessible from outside the car body. This cut off switch must be connected to the positive side of the electrical system and must stop all electrical including magneto ignition. The off position must be clearly labeled with the word “OFF”. If the switch is “push/pull” type, “push” must be the action for shutting off the electrical System.

Neutral Safety Switch-All vehicles with an automatic transmission must be equipped with a functioning neutral safety switch that prevents the car from being started in a forward or reverse gear.

Rain Policy-Friday Events/ Friday Fun Drags / Test & Tune-If event is more than half complete the event will be considered complete and no refunds will be given -If the event is less than half complete a pro rated tech credit will be given

Reserved Pit Spots-All numbered parking spots will be rented. If you are parked in a numbered parking spot that doesn’t belong to you, you will be asked to move. These spots will also be identified by cones with the same corresponding numbers.

Restricted Area-No spectators under the age of 16 are allowed in the following areas:

  • Area past the head of staging lanes
  • Burnout and adjacent areas
  • Dragstrip and shutdown area
  • Trackside areas between the retaining walls and primary spectator fencing

Smoking-Smoking is not permitted near the starting line or in bleacher seating.

Staging lanes/ driver readiness-Listen to the PA system/radio station for your call to the lanes.Once you’ve entered the staging lanes, do not switch lanes, stay with your vehicle, and keep phone off. Running a streetcar – MAKE SURE YOUR AC IS TURNED OFF.When your lane or class is next, be ready to race: helmet (if required), seat belt fastened, windows up, ready to fire when instructed

Tech Inspection-Tech cards MUST be filled out completely and signed . Must be legible.After filling out the tech car please come to the tech inspection area.Every vehicle must be inspected each time it comes to the track unless you have an extended tech sticker issued by Mid America Dragway .Paint markers to write your dial-in ( If needed)  can be purchased at the concession stand

Have questions ? Need more Information – please feel free to message us through Facebook messenger  or give us a call

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