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Summit Sportsman Drag Racing Series Points race #10

July 14 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Gates open at 230 pm Saturday

First Time trial Saturday at 5 pm

First Time trial Sunday 9 am

Spectators/ crew ages 18 and older $15 per day Kids 17 and under are free

Click Here For Full  Entry and Payout Flyer

Run Order

  • No box
  • JR Street
  • Box
  • No Box Motorcycle
  • Sportsman
  • Jr’s

Tech Card Pricing 

All tech card pricing includes car and driver per race:

  • Box Class             $100    BuyBack $50
  • No Box                 $80     BuyBack $40
  • Sportsman                       $50     BuyBack $25
  • No Box Motorcycle            $60     BuyBack $30
  • Jr. Dragster  To be announced
  • Teen Racing                       $20    Buyback  $10


 Box Class

  • ⅛ mile
  • ET Break 0 – 9.00
  • Designated as “electronics permitted” E.T. handicapped classes.
  • Computer, delay boxes, trans brake, line lock, automatic shifter, shift timer, starting line and or “high side” rev limiters permitted,Data recorders allowed. Stutter boxes prohibited.
  • Acutime Crosstalk Tree will be active.
  • Delay box may only display delay amount dialed in; analog or digital display permitted.
  • Inspectors must be able to identify all direct wiring clearly.


Payout Box Class
Winner $2000

R/U      $800

Semi    $300

¼’s       $100


 No Box  Class

  • ⅛ mile
  • No  ET Break
  • Designated as  no “electronics permitted” E.T. handicapped classes.
  • Computer, unless OEM stock, and Stutter boxes – PROHIBITED
  • Trans brake, line lock, automatic shifter, starting line and or “high side” rev limiters permitted.


Payout NO Box

Winner $1500

R/U      $650

Semi    $250

¼’s     $80


Grouse Valley  Equipment  Sportsman Class 1/8 mile 

  • ET Break 7.40 & Slower
  • Designated as “electronic prohibited” E.T. handicapped classes
  • Permitted are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) computer
  • Data recorders, delay boxes, trans brakes, automated shifter (unless OEM), throttle stops and stutter boxes are prohibited.
  • Two wheel line locks are permitted on non drive wheels only .
  • Single stage high side rev limiter permitted.
  • Starting line rev limiter prohibited.
  • Must not effect down track RPM in any way.
  •  Crank trigger is prohibited unless OEM distributorless ignition.
  •  Slicks are permitted and mufflers are optional.
  • Nitrous prohibited


Payout Sportsman

Winner $550

R/U      $250

Semi    $100

¼’s       $60  paid only when there is 33 or more cars first round


Truett Roofing No Box Motorcycle and Sled  ⅛ mile 

  • All Run
  •  Delay boxes prohibited.
  •  Two-step and nitrous permitted
  • 6 races will be offered on the 6 Saturdays listed

No Box Bike  Payout

7 Bikes or less                                      8 Bikes                                               12 Bikes or more

W – $350 R/U  $200                             W- $500  R/U $200                               W $500 R/U $200   Plus Semi $75

Click here to read Jr Dragster rules



Teen Racing

  • Ages 13 to 17

  • ⅛ mile  9.00 and slower
  • Entry $20  Buyback $10
  • Jr Street is contested as a Trophy Class. Trophy for winner & R/U
    • All vehicles must be licensed and insured with mufflers and street tires
    • Purpose built race cars are NOT permitted
    • Vehicles must also have the correct state issued license plate
    • Dealer tags, paper tags, temporary tags, etc. are prohibited
    • Vehicle may not have wheel tubs or have been back-halved.
    •  A Copy of the current vehicle registration and insurance must be on file with Mid America Dragway
    •  Vehicles must be able to pass all state highway safety requirements for the state in which the vehicle is registered
  • Prohibited :
    • Race cars & motorcycles
    • Wheel tubs , cars that are back halved, slicks
    • EV vehicles
    • The use of electronics is prohibited
    • Aftermarket EFI systems prohibited. OEM fuel injection

allowed if the year, make and model of the vehicle came with it from the factory.

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