2024 Pit Space Rental


              Changes to the Pit Space rental program at Mid America Dragway have been implemented . A change was needed to help Mid America  accommodate the growth we are experiencing with different race series options as well as the influx of racers. All current holders of pit spaces were contacted several weeks ago.  Please understand that racers coming to race and seeing empty spots up front but being asked to park elsewhere creates a negative experience . We are trying to streamline this so we do not spend so much time trying to find out who is using their space or not . We are also trying to stop racers from giving their spot away for the weekend and the other racer does not fit in that spot . It truly creates an issue .

All people who rented pit spaces for 2023 will have the first option to renew their pit space at the new price listed . Due to the change in pricing for 2024 if you are continuing with the pit space rental you will have the option to pay a 50 % deposit by Dec 30 and balance due by Feb 1.Please inform us right away if you plan to continue your pit space rental.

 If you would like to get on the list for pit space rentals please contact management right away. 

Any open rental spaces will be done by random draw and offered Feb 15.

A minimum of 10 new reserved  spots are being added . 

 Checks for deposit or payment can be mailed to 803 S Forewood Dr , Arkansas City, KS 67005 . 

Pit space rentals for the year will now be split into 4 options. Option one is bracket points races . Category two is Heads Up Series races and category three will be specialty races. Specialty races will be races such as Labor Day payday , big money spring race , nostalgia , etc . 

Pit space rental options: 

Option 1 – Bracket Points races only $300 

Option 2 – Bracket points races + Special races ( Spring $ , Labor Day etc) $400

Option 3- Heads Up Series only $200 

Option 4 – Bracket Points Races + Special races+ Heads Up Series $500

 You do not have to purchase your spot for both racing series. If you only want your spot or spots for one series or the other that is perfectly fine . 


  1. Your rig must fit in the pit space . If you are larger than the pit space please talk with us so we can find a space that can accommodate you.
  2. You should be able to park your equipment and any extra cars in your space .If your current pit spot does not accommodate your tow vehicle and trailer please contact us so we can see about switching you or putting you in one of the new spaces being created. If you share a rented pit space with another racer you should both be able to fit without affecting your neighbors.
  3. If you will not be able to attend a race please notify management so that we can fill the space. If you have not arrived for the weekend by start time on Saturday then we will assume you are not coming for the weekend and fill the space. If you are unable to attend Saturday but will be there Sunday please call management so we can keep the space clear 
  4. If you share the cost of a pit space rental with other racers their names must be listed with us . However there must be one person listed and In charge for communication about the space.
  5. If you rent a pit space for both the bracket points series and the heads up series then you will be able to use your pit space during Labor day payday and the big money spring race,and Halloween Havoc.Nostalgia weekend ( Sept. ) we will do our best to accommodate you but the space may be in a different area. 
  6. Rented pit spaces are not valid on any other days . All other days will be first come first serve . 
  7. Mid America Dragway has the right to reserve pit spaces at any time.
  8. Mid America Dragway has the right to fill empty spaces at any time . The exception will be if you have been in communication with management .

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